Pasta 'Cuz is a pasta delivery service for Davidson College. We operate every Wednesday night during the academic school year. Pasta orders are taken between the hours of 10 pm and 12:30 am for on-campus students. Your food is then delivered fast to your door starting at 11 pm until 1 am! Choose between four tasty sauces (tomato basil, pesto, alfredo, or butter) to add to your freshly made pasta. Top with Parmesan cheese! Each serving is $5, paid with cash or venmo. No tips or delivery fee!


This business was created for you! We heard your hungry cries during a late night at the library, a Netflix binge in your dorm, or coming back from down the hill. Pasta may not be the answer to all the problems of your Wednesday nights, but it can certainly solve most.


Pasta 'Cuz will be closed for Summer 2017. We will return to serve our Davidson Wildcats starting Wednesday, August 30, 2017. 


Pasta 'Cuz I'm hungry, Pasta 'Cuz it's only $5, Pasta 'Cuz!

“I would give up my job to run this business. I struggle on daily basis to actualize my vision for Davidson’s culture and future but Pasta ‘Cuz embodies it all.”

Quillen Carol Quillen

“I love Commons? More like I love Pasta ‘Cuz!”

Steph Curry Steph Curry / Davidson's Only Real National Treasure

“Pasta ‘Cuz is the only highlight of the Wednesday night rager scene at Davidson.”

Old Man Library Old man library