Pasta 'Cuz was founded by Maggie Spiller and Grace Leonhardt. Thanks to the opportunity and support of the Davidson College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Office, we are your team behind the noodle! Maggie is a Junior history major with a deep passion for Nelson Mandela and dachshunds. Grace is a Junior art history and biology major who loves vultures and soup.

The idea for our endeavor began one night in spring of 2017. Maggie was lying in bed and craved the delicious tomato and starch combo individual to a pasta dish. From there, we have sprouted into a business that prides itself on being by the students and for the students. We hope to continue to expand to make a dining experience with Pasta 'Cuz perfect for each of our customers.

We, the Pasta 'Cuz team, work to promote inclusivity and progress between us, all our customers, and the world at large. We encourage you to reach out to us and let us know how we are doing with this goal, or suggest ways we can cooperate with an organization you work with. 

Thanks to all our customers!